Attic clay epinetron by the Eretria Painter

From Eretria, Euboea.425-420 BC.
(ΕΑΜ/NAM Α1629)

Scenes of mythic weddings are depicted on the long sides, while the clay female bust of Venus (Aphrodite) or Nymph on the curved part of the epinetron stands out in beauty. Alkestis, in her nuptial chamber after her wedding, is depicted on one of the long sides, Harmonia, wife of Kadmos, daughter of Mars and Aphrodite appears on the other one, before her wedding. Aphrodite is seen on the left holding a bridal necklace offered by Eros, while Imeros further away offers to Hebe a small amphora with perfume. Along the narrow zone on the top, scenes from the myth of Thetis' abduction by Peleus are unfolding.